Dirt Nap City

A Holiday Message from Dirt Nap City

December 14, 2023 Dirt Nap City Season 2 Episode 35
Dirt Nap City
A Holiday Message from Dirt Nap City
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Show Notes

Season's Greetings from Dirt Nap City. If you are looking for the perfect gift to give your loved ones this year, we have you covered. For a limited time we are not only offering Dirt Nap City stickers, but we are also offering to come to your event (wedding, bar mitzvah, birthday party, funeral, etc.) and record our podcast live in front of your audience. Of course this will require some planning, at least two chairs and payment up front. But if you think Dirt Nap City might be the kind of entertainment that your funeral guests will enjoy, then please drop us an email and we'll write you up a quote. And for a limited time, everyone that emails will get a Dirt Nap City sticker. It's just our way of saying "ho ho ho" from the ghosts of Christmas past.

All kidding aside, thanks to everyone for a great 2023 and we look forward to more podcast fun with you in 2024!

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